Customer Support

ICRON Technologies helps customers design and implement efficient and effective support structures once the solution is in place and allows them to realize the full benefits of their investment.

Its global support centers provide customers with one access point for all their issues which results in quick and efficient service with extremely high responsiveness.

ICRON offers ongoing support on its solutions including systems outside the traditional environment. A website allows the customers to log the calls themselves and afterwards to follow the progress by reviewing the status and activity comments on their calls.

ICRON Technologies solutions are specifically designed to meet the toughest Planning and Execution challenges of today’s customers.

ICRON Technologies’ skills and values are aligned with the requirements from the industry’s:

  • pragmatic approach to achieve quick implementation and fast ROI
  • End-user oriented solutions to solve complex processes
  • Global services to support demanding customers.

ICRON Technologies provides full project support, from consulting to ongoing customer support.

ICRON Technologies and its partners provide a comprehensive mix of world-class consulting services and resources to complete customer projects successfully:

  • Consulting Services (Business Consulting/Application Consulting/Technical Services (systems integration, DB, network)
  • Training Services
  • Worldwide Rollout