bPort (Web Based Business Analytics and Reporting)

ICRON bPort provides real-time in memory access to the latest ICRON planning information from any authorized computer across the Internet as well as triggering an algorithm by the request made in the report. It has been developed using ASP.NET technology and executes under Microsoft IIS web server, hence, two-ways connectivity with any database is possible.

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Capacity Planning (CP)

ICRON CPprovides a platform for strategic and tactical (long-term) planning of supply chain network including customers, production facilities, distribution centers, warehouses and transportation routes. Using this model, various decision scenarios can be optimally provided such as:

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Demand Planning (DP)

ICRON DP enables enterprises to control customer demand across their value chain. With the ICRON DP companies can accurately model their multiple forecasting inputs creating their unique forecasting algorithms and methodologies to drive forecast improvement across all types of products (fast- and slow-moving, lumpy, short life cycle, trending, steady, highly seasonal, causal driven) on different levels across your value chain.

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Detailed Scheduling

ICRON’s flagship product, Enterprise level rules based finite-capacity planning and scheduling  solution that offers a clear, cost-effective migration path to full-function supply chain optimization. With its several components, the Material and Capacity Planner and Reactive and Dynamic Scheduler, it enables manufacturers to improve asset/resource utilization at every node of the factory.  ICRON Detailed Scheduling is flexible and scalable (100% fit) architected.  Companies can implement functionality at one or more sites as needed and easily adapt to future changes by user definable/readable algorithms, flow-charts/diagrams.

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Inventory Management

ICRON IM provides a platform for Excess Inventory and KIT Management with the following unique features:

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Inventory Planning (IP)

Inventory Planning is one of the most important aspects of supply chain planning. Inventory carrying cost is typically the most expensive and risky aspect of logistics and supply chain management. Executing supply replenishment based on forecasts with high error results in multiple challenges like:

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Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Planning (MRO)

ICRON MRO platforms are specific to the industries like Aerospace and Public Transportation, where the tasks are not definitely known before the machines are put into pieces. Most of the planners are frustrated with redundant work realized. ICRON offersa web based platform linked to all relevant data sources and task forces in the plant and integrated to other ICRON systems used by outsourcing plant locations.

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Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)

Differences between forecasted and realized sales, fluctuations in material purchases and manufacturing capacity often result in high inventory levels, suffering demand-satisfaction performance and operational inefficiencies. ICRON S&OP helps companies keep demand and supply in balance and achieve synchronization among different functions in the organization by rapidly generating high-quality plans and enabling ad-hoc scenario analysis. Unique features and values of ICRON S&OP platform include:

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Workforce Management (WFM)

For most organizations, its people represent its most important assets. ICRON Workforce Management (WFM) is a powerful, finite capacity planning & scheduling software system offering management decision support. It helps companies to produce realistic and functional manpower plan and schedules applied to control tactical and real-time deployment of staff in any operation. An ICRON WFM implementation maximizes:

  • manpower utilization
  • smoothest workloads
  • reducing stress levels
  • improves customer service levels
  • improves communication and co-ordination internally and with clients

Workforce Management Planning (WFM)

As human resources are the companies most valuable and expensive asset, companies are looking for new Workforce Management Planning (WFM) Solutions allowing for complete and flexible management of these resources. ICRON WFM Solutions are based on the experience and proven technologies gained by ICRON Technologies during the past twenty years in the areas of planning, optimization and execution.  ICRON’s unparalleled, distributed and component-based planning and optimization technology allows for human resource optimization and control, exactly fulfilling your organizations requirements: 

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