bPort (Web Based Business Analytics and Reporting)

ICRON bPort provides real-time in memory access to the latest ICRON planning information from any authorized computer across the Internet as well as triggering an algorithm by the request made in the report. It has been developed using ASP.NET technology and executes under Microsoft IIS web server, hence, two-ways connectivity with any database is possible.

Furthermore, bPort is fully customizable: all pages, menus, form definitions and visual styles, reports and charts can be customized for the needs of individual users. This allows, planners to see second-level details of individual resources while simultaneously allowing managers to focus on high-level KPIs. ICRON bPort supports enterprises as follows:

  • Real-time connectivity with ICRON Planning environment both ways.
  • Connectivity with databases: bPort can generate reports and charts over a given database.
  • Based on open standards: bPort's configuration settings are stored as XML files and the communication between bPort and ICRON takes place using the SOAP standards.
  • Easy integration: bPort can easily be integrated with other applications and is certified for SAP NetWeaver Portal.
  • Data visualization: bPort allows the data provided by ICRON to be displayed in various formats including

    1. Tabular reports
    2. Pivot tables
    3. Gantt charts
    4. Bar and line charts

  • User-based access: bPort supports different users and user groups, who only have access to the pages and reports specified by the administration.
  • Export to Excel: All tabular reports and pivot tables displayed in bPort can directly be downloaded as Excel files.
  • Easy navigation: Users can drill down and up seamlessly between reports displaying related pieces of information.