Demand Planning (DP)

ICRON DP enables enterprises to control customer demand across their value chain. With the ICRON DP companies can accurately model their multiple forecasting inputs creating their unique forecasting algorithms and methodologies to drive forecast improvement across all types of products (fast- and slow-moving, lumpy, short life cycle, trending, steady, highly seasonal, causal driven) on different levels across your value chain.

ICRON DP introduces demand optimization to your organization by applying mathematical optimization techniques to identify the best combination of price and promotion to achieve desired sales, gross margin, inventory or market share objectives.

ICRON DP Model allows you to pinpoint and predict customer demand with the highest level of accuracy by using your own business logic:

  • Supporting:
    1. Multiple modeling techniques (Exponential smoothing – single, double, triple, multipe, multiple and linear regression etc
    2. Statistical forecast decomposition (level, trend, seasonality, baseline, etc.)
    3. Custom forecasting rules (to support difficult items such as new promoted items, slow moving, discontinued products etc.)

  • ICRON DP provides accuracy demand forecast and reduces the cost and risk of inaccurate demand forecast
  • ICRON DP implements advanced calculation and simulation logic to give you competitive advantage in demand planning. Tailored to your specific requirements, these algorithms greatly automate demand planning processes
  • ICRON DP significantly improves planning and execution productivity while decreasing planning time
  • ICRON DP decreases forecast cycle times
  • ICRON DP provides extensive tools to conduct what-if analysis and scenario comparison
  • ICRON DP integrates and centralizes the planning along the entire supply chain network
  • ICRON DP delivers accurate Web based Multi-dimensional data representation and business analysis reports