ICRON and its partners agreed to adhere to a number of principles that proofed to determine the success of APS implementation projects. These principles are described in a methodology called ICRON Project Life Cycle Management. IPLM methodology and its principles have to be shared with all who will be involved in ICRON Implementation Projects, being partners and customers. Thus this management methodology should be viewed as a guideline during the ICRON Project Life cycle.

The project will be conducted by subdividing the project into under described phases.

The phased approach will provide a high degree of control and project visibility with each phase completed before the next one commences. At the end of each phase, the project plans are reviewed, and if required, planning changes are made to the next phase and the overall project in a controlled manner. The phases include analysis, modeling, iterative development, deployment and fine tuning.


A Staged Implementation approach can be adopted in addition to the phased approach. This iterative process of designing and implementing (Phase 1, 2 & 3) components of the system reduces the risk of serious impact to the business, and can allow for rapid implementation of the most critical Planning areas. At the end of each stage implementation, the project will be reviewed and the scope of the next stage defined and implemented. ICRON gives 100% Maintenance starting the sixth month after the agreement using the IPLM methodology


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