Taking the first step on your journey toward data-driven, optimized decisions

Today’s supply chain companies have access to an overwhelming amount of data. Customer data, production data, GIS data, POS data, financial data, streaming data, and many other types of data are all collected – and this often results in data overload.

more April 16, 2018
Optimizing your company’s energy utilization can empower you to achieve greater productivity and profitability

Energy is the lifeblood of companies in the manufacturing sector, the fuel that powers the production and delivery of their goods to customers. Without energy, manufacturing operations would come to an absolute standstill. For manufacturing firms, balancing energy supply and demand is a complex ...

more April 2, 2018
Solvers: What are they and what role do they play in supply chain optimization?

Solvers: What are they and what role do they play in supply chain optimization? At its core, every supply chain planning and scheduling problem is essentially an optimization problem – as its solution lies in finding a way to optimize the flow and delivery of goods and services from supplier to customer.

more February 28, 2018
The role of big data in your personnel planning

The term big data probably sounds familiar to many people. After all, much is written and spoken about in the media and perhaps also in your organization. But what exactly it is, few people can give ...

more February 11, 2018
Choose the right predictive analytics for reliable forecasting

Forecasting is predicting the future with the help of quantitative methods. Crucial for many organizations. Because, if you know what happens in the future, you can already respond to it.

more January 25, 2018
Good planning brings more peace and provides an overview for the new year.

A new year and a new budget. New opportunities to do better. But do we start well with our personnel planning? Or do we make a false start and are we already out of the lead at the beginning of the year?

more January 19, 2018
Pegging? Giving meaning to the word!

When we think about supply chain operations, we think about a number of activities, such as purchasing, production, transportation, order shipment, or product delivery.

more December 29, 2017
Does your company have the right Decision Making DNA and solution to support this?

Wednesday December 13th 2017 ICRON participated in the 4th Supply Chain Management Conference in Istanbul. Approximately 100 senior managers working in the field of supply chain and/or production attended the conference.

more December 22, 2017
Staff shortage? Optimize your resources!

Vacancies remain open for a long time. Figures from the global job site Indeed indicate that the number of vacancies in the logistics and transport sector increased by 30% between 2016 and 2017.

more December 1, 2017
Big Data versus Information Overload

By nature people require oversight of information to base a decision on. How more data is available to use in your decision making process how more difficult your decision making will be if the oversight is not available. People tend to cross out information that ...

more November 10, 2017
It is not hard to make decision when you know what your values are!

At the end of September 2017, the majority of world’s Supply Chain Executive leadership gathered in London. They attended inspirational speeches, .....

more October 9, 2017
Does Your Optimization Solution Improve Both Productivity and Compliance?

In today’s fast-paced and hypercompetitive business world, in the rush to produce goods and deliver services as quickly as possible, companies are often tripped up ..

more February 8, 2017
How to Overcome Your MRO Planning Dysfunction? Use Algorithmic Optimization Modelling

A radical shift is echoing through Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) departments in verticals like Aerospace & Defense, Industrial Machinery and Equipment, Public Transport and ..

more January 24, 2017
What can we learn from Benjamin Franklin’s daily schedules?

Benjamin Franklin, born on 17 January 1706, played an enormous role in America’s independence and the creation of the United States. He was also a talented writer, scientist, ..

more January 17, 2017
The eight-hour working day is now obsolete!

Customized work, where a balance is struck between the interests of the employee and the employer, is the right choice for the future. In many cases the dominance of the eight-hour ..

more September 15, 2016


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