Good planning brings more peace and provides an overview for the new year.

A new year and a new budget. New opportunities to do better. But do we start well with our personnel planning? Or do we make a false start and are we already out of the lead at the beginning of the year? The new year is a good time for reflection on personnel planning

The new year is a natural moment for all organizations to take a look at the personnel planning. You close an old year, set the clock “on zero” and start with a clean sheet for a new year. In many organizations, however, we see that this is the only effort. The timetable is not really re-evaluated in terms of content. Sometimes the grid of the old year is copied one-to-one to the new year. And lost is the moment of reflection and recalibration, the chance of improvement is gone. Before we know it, we move on to the daily care for a closing schedule. Something we can also be very busy with of course. And especially if we did not really think in advance about interventions that might take away that pressure.

In our opinion you can not do without periodic evaluation of a grid and not without a new basis for a future period.

For example, ask yourself:

  • Is the job offer still the same, or do we have to react to changes?
  • Are the occupancy requirements unchanged?
  • Do we always have sufficient employees or do we already anticipate issues in the coming year?
  • Are the deviations structural, seasonal or very specific on certain day parts?

Good planning earns itself back and brings more peace and overview

Evaluate the running schedules and think about a good basis for the new year. For example, through good capacity planning and a basic schedule. Do you have no time for it or are you lacking know-how? There is always the option to use an interim planner, for example (ICRON’s partner) Déhora can quickly help with this work. In many organizations we see that this extra effort literally re-coupes itself, and brings more peace and quiet to the planning department in the new year. That seems to us a good intention anyway!

Author: Dehora


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