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„Custom made with a very high OTIF percentage is not easy, but with ICRON it can be done„.

About Pacton

Pacton Trailers designs and manufactures trailers and semi-trailers tailored to customer needs, down to the last detail customers ask for. The knowledge and know-how that Pacton has acquired through 100 years of experience ensure that Pacton Trailers is a forerunner in both the national and international transport industry.

Pacton does custom work for customers!

In order to come up with the right solution to any transport problem, Pacton utilises a broad spectrum of high-quality semi-trailers from the brands Pacton, Floor,and Kennis. These brands stand for quality, safety, and durability.

This brand, introduced in 1950, offers a solution to any kind of transportation need. With a wide variety of trailers and semi-trailers, Pacton has set the standard in the national and international transport world for years. Pacton trailers are sturdy, reliable, easy to maintain, and made specifically for intensive use under difficult conditions.

The Floor brand is a trailblazer in the European Market for trailers and semi-trailers. Floor’s programme has a particular focus on a niche market within the transport sector. The product offerings include guided crane trailers, flatbed semi-trailers, extendable semi-trailers, high-quality distribution semi-trailers, and container trailers. Each product is an innovative and efficient transport solution that comes with an outstanding price-to-quality ratio.

Pacton/Kennis represents a significant portion of the crane semi-trailer market. Years of experience specifically focused on building crane semi-trailers has resulted in an innovative construction method. Specific characteristics are the rail-guided axles, that make for an easy-to-manoeuvre semi-trailer on construction sites and the heavy-duty construction method of the semi-trailer. The latest development is a “light” crane semi-trailer. For it, we managed to shave off nearly 10% of the weight, while keeping similar specifications intact. Less weight is advantageous for our energy balance and translates to lower CO2 output and higher loading capacity.


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