Manufacturing went from the simple T-Ford production to the modern data and customer centric driven production lines and supply chains. More and more the customer determines the production process and especially your supply chain capabilities Continuous innovation and superb service? Customers want it and they want it now! Your product can be the best out there, but if your supply chain, delivery and customer services is not of the highest standards, you probably will not be a success in the marketplace.

The journey to Industry 4.0, the next wave of industrial progress built on digital technologies that many manufacturers are now beginning to undertake, will come to resemble a “digital wagon train”, traveling slowly, at times haltingly as companies come to grips with the fact that I4.0 is a much a technological challenge as a cultural and leadership transformation, requiring deep changes in leadership orientation and practices to deal with the complex, multi-layered transition to I4.0. Industry leaders will need to make tough decisions about vision, strategy, technology, alignment, execution, and culture to achieve the promise of I4.0.


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