Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO)


Capital intensive industries such as aerospace, aviation, public transport, telecommunication, refineries, chemical, construction and semi-conductor manufacturing rely heavily on the availability of the equipments that they are using in their critical operations. Equipment failures causing down-time of operations can lead to significant financial loses and erosion of reputation. Therefore, these companies demand high levels of availability from their MRO operations or suppliers as such after-sales services especially in capital-intensive industries has been a predominant competition factor for Original Equipment Manufacturers. Not only because there is a large MRO market and the profit margin can be as high as 40%, but also after-sales services drive OEM companies achieve their strategic goals such as customer loyalty or market growth.

MRO market requires to attain two conflicting objective at the same time; maximize service levels and minimize costs. Therefore, the recent challenge for supply chain specialists is to find the right balance between customer satisfaction and stake holders’ interests (operating costs) by achieving critical business goals such as:

  • Optimizing utilization of resources and manpower,
  • Coordinating complex shop floor operations,
  • Managing availability and stock levels of critical and expensive spare parts,
  • Rapidly responding to sudden changes in demand,
  • Align operational efficiency with changing job requirements.


By implementing ICRON’s advanced planning and scheduling (APS) platform, MRO providers can optimize their operations, minimize costs, and maximize productivity and service levels.

With ICRON, MRO providers can:

  • Gain real-time visibility and control over shop floor operations and capacity.
  • Automatically generate optimal maintenance plans and schedules in a matter of seconds, and update and adjust them to accommodate unexpected shifts in demand and capacity.
  • Improve delivery performance by optimizing maintenance plans according to due dates – thereby increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Conduct what-if scenario analysis to eliminate bottlenecks proactively.
  • Improve resource and inventory utilization, parts procurement, and overall productivity.
  • Reduce repair turnaround time and operating costs.


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