Manufacturing business has been undertaking an increasing competitive, complex, and customer-driven requirements. The increasing capabilities of manufacturing due to technological advances plus diverse and dynamic expectations from the market have put pressure on manufacturers for both speed and variety. Customers are looking for more innovative products with a wide variety of options and want them faster than ever. Manufacturing business is driven by shortened product life cycles, market demand for individualized treatment and financial pressure on cutting costs down. Achieving these objectives requires algorithm based decision support system that can facilitate scenario analysis and optimization.

To maintain productivity along with profitability and market growth, manufactures are seeking ways to:

  • synchronize the planning and utilization of all of their assets across their global supply chain network,
  • precisely gauge current and forecasted demand and align this with materials supply, production capacity, and inventory levels,
  • respond rapidly and effectively to supply and demand volatility,
  • drive greater efficiency through the optimization of resources and inventory – leading to higher customer service levels and lower operating costs.

With ICRON’s advanced planning and scheduling (APS) solution, manufacturers can integrate and optimize their end-to-end supply chain planning and operations, and achieve solid and sustainable business growth.


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