Pulp, Paper & Packaging

Pulp, Paper and Packaging manufacturers are facing intense pressure to drive down costs, just when production processes and supply chains are growing more complex. The industry has a divergent flow of many more end products all derived from the raw material, a few sources of fiber. The volumes and quality of the supply is stochastic and hard to predict with high accuracy. The planning horizon ranges from very short (seconds) to very long (decades). The relations with suppliers are often based on spot contracts. Downstream the supply chain the Pulp, Paper and Packaging industries is connected with powerful industries in both consumer and business markets. Supply chain planning & optimization is a key competitive differentiator, and is already separating leaders from followers.


Companies in the Pulp, Paper and Packaging business have to deal with volatile demands and multiple constraints. They need to be innovative, reliable and competitive and maintain high levels of productivity in an environment with low margins.

Many manufacturers would like to move towards automation systems that provide real-time production control and enable mass customization. In the supply chain, information systems, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, provide data about the various parts of the chain to the decision makers within the company. Only having the data available is not sufficient, however, for effective supply chain management. Also, the industry has a tradition of using manual planning in a push-based system. Changing to a pull-based system means overcoming tradition.


ICRON Technologies offers intelligent and advanced solutions able to deal with all the aspects of the planning problems in the Pulp, Paper and Packaging supply chain. ICRON Technologies solution enables you to achieve maximum return on assets, optimize operational performance and react to customer-specific production requirements in a most agile manner.

ICRON’s flexible Supply Chain Planning & Optimization platform provides and solution that is integrating easily with existing IT architectures. ICRON helps to generate and execute optimized plans:

  • Make planning schedule more reliable through visibility and better analysis
  • Manage demand using pull based systems
  • Quickly take into account unforeseen events and changes
  • Manage Capital assets and utilization in the optimal manner
  • Optimize sequencing based on several parameters (color test, material changeover, etc.)
  • Manage personnel availability
  • Manage cost of (co-generated) energy
  • Synchronize suppliers’ supply plans
  • Manage your subcontractors


ICRON gives decision makers increased control and visibility across the entire supply chain for an overview of the entire supply network so that areas of potential improvement can be identified and realized. Next to financial benefits such as:

70-90% reduction in planning cycle time (integration and process automation);
15-30% improvement in forecast accuracy (collaboration and forecasting);
10-20% reduction in excess inventory (improved forecasting);
25-30% reduction in stock-outs (high customer service).

ICRON platform gives companies in the Pulp, Paper and Packaging industry many other benefits such as:

  • Ability to handle co- or by-products and create plans that take multiple product possibilities into account;
  • Optimized Production scheduling with minimal set-up time, increased production capacity and increased on-time delivery
  • Integration with process control systems, which helps for the visibility of all process related data and integrates information at business, plant and all control levels.

These benefits and more leading to a revenue and margin increase of minimum 5%.

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ICRON has some characteristics that makes it a unique solution for the Pulp & Paper Industry

  • 100% Fit: ICRON is an amazingly flexible solution that is modelled around the current business processes. ICRON can be morphed to any company environment leaving the core process and by which the companies is able to create its competitive advantage intact.
  • Unified Long term, Capacity Planning & Scheduling: ICRON provides an integrated solution that allows an intelligent interaction between Long Term Planning, Midterm Capacity Planning, and Short term Scheduling and Optimization. Within one single platform the company can automatically plan on a strategic, operational and tactical level
  • Distributed Planning: ICRON works with a distributed planning model that allows planners on different locations to work simultaneously in one planning environment. Planners can provide input on the planning and the plans that are made bottom up are integrated on the shared platform. If desired the new updated and integrated planning is almost instantly released to all plan locations.
  • Real-time Scenario Planning: ICRON allows planners generate automatically optimization plans and after that run ‘what-if’ scenarios. Scenarios are simply made in a user friendly interface by dragging and dropping on a plan board. In a matter of seconds new scenarios can be created and made visible on the plan board.


Does Your Optimization Solution Improve Both Productivity and Compliance?

In today’s fast-paced and hypercompetitive business world, in the rush to produce goods and deliver services as quickly as possible, companies are often tripped up by thorny compliance issues.

more February 8, 2017


Brisa Bridgestone, from serial transaction based to parallel process oriented planning.

Amsterdam, 13 April 2017 – Today, Brisa Bridgestone –a leader in the tire manufacturing industry in Turkey, with an annual revenue of app. Euro 500 million –celebrated the go-live of the new parallel planning solution. The new ICRON solution makes it possible to have an integrated parallel planning of the two main production processes.

more April 13, 2017


Production Planning and Optimization Conference

ICRON is sponsoring the Production Planning and Optimization Conference, which takes place April 25th 2017 in Bursa. Beside visiting ICRON in our booth, you can also listen to the presentation of ICRON during the conference.

more April 12, 2017


A faster time-to-value than any other software on the market !

Reveal undiscovered insights across all business silos !

Leverage unlimited what-ifs to evaluate/model trade-offs !


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