Pulp, Paper & Packaging


Pulp, Paper and Packaging manufacturers are facing intense pressure to drive down costs, just when production processes and supply chains are growing more complex. The industry has a divergent flow of many more end products all derived from a few raw material. The industry is governed by a few large companies dominating the market with high entry barriers since paper production is a technically complex task requiring specialized high-end technological equipments, and high-levels of automation is a necessity.

Approximately 400 million tons of paper is produced annually worldwide, and the demand for paper is growing in relation to expanding world population. In addition to environmental consequences of its supply sources, paper production requires intensive usage of energy in the forms of electricity, heat and steam, which puts increasing pressure on the efficiency of its operations not only from the operational cost perspective but also from the environmental regulations perspective.

Manufacturers face volatile demand and bear the costs of unexpected production requirements and high stock levels. Demand and supply balancing and uninterrupted flow of production in paper industry have been major supply chain challenges both for tactical monthly sales and operations planning cycles and daily operational planning and scheduling activities.


Supply chain planning & optimization is a key competitive differentiator, and is already separating leaders from followers.

ICRON Technologies offers intelligent and advanced solutions that are able to deal with all aspects of the planning problems in the Pulp, Paper and Packaging supply chain. ICRON Technologies solution enables you to achieve maximum return on assets, optimize operational performance and react to unexpected shits in demand and supply in a most agile manner.

ICRON helps to generate and execute optimized plans that:

  • can handle co- or by-products and create plans that take multiple product possibilities into account,
  • minimize set-up loses, increase capacity utilization and on-time delivery performance,
  • keep stock levels at desired levels based on costs and service level targets,
  • prioritize demand on the basis of emergency and profitability, and increase overall profit margin,
  • facilitate improved coordination between various departments including sales, manufacturing, and purchasing,
  • focus on energy requirements in combination with production schedules, and minimizes energy related costs by proposing an optimal energy usage and production plan.


ICRON one of most innovative global suppliers of Advanced Planning & Scheduling and Supply Chain Optimization solutions for manufacturing, distribution and services organizations is always looking for the “the special one”.

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