Now more than ever – with the persistent, pervasive threat of terrorism, cyber attacks, and gun violence in our modern world – security is a priority for many organizations and individuals. The rising demand for security services is driving an expansion of the industry, but is also putting pressure on security service providers who are facing an array of challenges including:

  • Increased competition in vying for new business and maintaining existing contracts.
  • Lower margins due to escalating labor, overtime, and other operating costs and more competitive pricing of services.
  • A high employee turnover rate and the wide variety of specialists with different skill sets required to run a security business.
  • Increasingly sophisticated expectations of services by customers.
  • Responding rapidly and effectively to emergencies, disruptions, scheduling changes and lapses in coverage.
  • Difficulties in producing optimal roster and shift schedules that lower labor costs and improve customer service.


To keep their customers safe and their businesses sustainable, security companies need to optimize the planning and management of their resources.

ICRON’s advanced planning and scheduling (APS) solution provides security providers with an automated, integrated planning platform that enables them to maximize resource utilization and minimize costs.

With ICRON, security firms can:

  • Generate schedules that optimally deploy resources, taking into account specific customer requirements, employee preferences and capabilities, business rules, industry regulations, and other constraints.
  • Have up-to-the-minute visibility over their entire operational network to track the location and performance of security personnel and monitor the security situation on the ground.
  • Dynamically update schedules in response to emergencies, disruptions, and changing circumstances in the field.
  • Conduct what-if scenario analysis to determine optimal long-term strategic plans.
  • Reduce operating costs by maximizing resource utilization and decreasing the amount of employee overtime hours.
  • Maintain constant, real-time communication with security personnel in the field.
  • Increase employee satisfaction by matching the right employees to the right jobs based on their skills, preferences, and availability.

ICRON enables security companies to improve the quality of their services for clients and the profitability of their business for stakeholders – so that they can preserve the safety of their customers and bolster the strength of their margins.


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