Advanced Analytics & Reporting

We have entered the era of “big data” in the business world: planners and senior managers now have access to an unprecedented and overwhelming amount of information coming from numerous, discrete systems and sources within their supply chains. This information overload often makes it difficult to accurately gauge and grasp the true measure of operational performance, and make critical decisions that boost efficiency, service, and revenues.

ICRON bPort (Web-Based Business Analytics and Reporting) compiles all of your current and historical operational data and converts this information into insights in the form of advanced analytics and reporting.

ICRON bPort offers you out-of-the-box business intelligence that reveals the patterns, risks, and opportunities hidden in your data, and makes predictions and recommendations – so that you can make the best decisions to meet your KPIs.

Equipped with ICRON bPort’s advanced analytics-driven insights and reports, you can see your supply chain from a big picture perspective and also drill down to develop an in-depth understanding of the interaction between the myriad underlying forces – suppliers, network, and customers – impacting your company’s productivity and costs. An intelligent, integrated analytics platform, ICRON bPort empowers you with the visibility and knowledge you need to drive your business forward.

ICRON bPort works seamlessly with ICRON’s advanced planning and scheduling (APS) and optimization solution – the former feeding the latter analytics and reports in real-time, which are then utilized by the APS system to generate optimal planning and scheduling algorithms.

Developed using ASP.NET technology, ICRON bPort operates under the Microsoft IIS web server, and can be easily integrated with other applications and databases – enabling two-way connectivity, data-sharing, and collaboration among key stakeholders throughout your organization.

Additionally, ICRON bPort is fully customizable: all pages, menus, reports, dashboards, tables, and charts can be customized to meet the needs of individual users. This enables planners to zero in on the micro-level details of resource and capacity utilization, while senior managers can focus on achieving high-level KPIs.

ICRON bPort collects the raw data from throughout your operational network and transforms this information into integrated, actionable analytics and insights that drive superior decision-making and optimized planning and performance throughout your enterprise.


Does Your Optimization Solution Improve Both Productivity and Compliance?

In today’s fast-paced and hypercompetitive business world, in the rush to produce goods and deliver services as quickly as possible, companies are often tripped up by thorny compliance issues.

more February 8, 2017


Brisa Bridgestone, from serial transaction based to parallel process oriented planning.

Amsterdam, 13 April 2017 – Today, Brisa Bridgestone –a leader in the tire manufacturing industry in Turkey, with an annual revenue of app. Euro 500 million –celebrated the go-live of the new parallel planning solution. The new ICRON solution makes it possible to have an integrated parallel planning of the two main production processes.

more April 13, 2017


Production Planning and Optimization Conference

ICRON is sponsoring the Production Planning and Optimization Conference, which takes place April 25th 2017 in Bursa. Beside visiting ICRON in our booth, you can also listen to the presentation of ICRON during the conference.

more April 12, 2017


A faster time-to-value than any other software on the market !

Reveal undiscovered insights across all business silos !

Leverage unlimited what-ifs to evaluate/model trade-offs !


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