Maintenance Repair & Overhaul Planning (MRO)

The challenge for maintenance, repair, & overhaul (MRO) providers is to be able to cope with the unpredictability and complexity of customer demand. The exact scope and specific requirements of each job – including the necessary materials, equipment, and employees – are typically not known until a given machine is taken apart and the problem diagnosed.

To ensure ongoing productivity and profitability, MRO providers must be able to operate with great efficiency and flexibility to:

  • Deliver fast, reliable, and customized service for customers.
  • Effectively allocate resources and inventory to reduce operational costs.

ICRON’s web-based MRO solution provides automated, advanced planning and scheduling (APS) support for MRO companies that deal with sophisticated machinery such as aircraft, automotive vehicles, trains, and ships and their sub-components.

With ICRON, your company can integrate and optimize its entire, multi-site MRO process and achieve greater operational efficiency and throughput, customer satisfaction, and inventory and cost management by:

  • Generating optimal schedules that successfully coordinate and manage the numerous people, machines, and materials involved in MRO operations.
  • Gaining full, real-time visibility over all day-to-day plant operations to enable effective utilization of labor, materials, and equipment (and, ultimately, shorter repair and overhaul turnaround times, superior customer service, and reduced operating costs).
  • Achieving dynamic visibility over current and forecasted plant capacity to identify bottlenecks, manage constraints, and minimize inventory and raw material levels and work-in-progress.
  • Conducting scenario analysis to make the best decisions when it comes to outsourcing work, ordering parts, and deploying resources.
  • Forecasting and generating reliable delivery dates – thereby improving on-time delivery performance and customer loyalty.


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