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Maintenance Repair & Overhaul Planning (MRO)

The challenge for maintenance, repair, & overhaul (MRO) providers is to be able to cope with the unpredictability and complexity of customer demand. The exact scope and specific requirements of each job – including the necessary materials, spare parts, equipment, and employees – are typically not known until a given machine is taken apart and the problem diagnosed.

To ensure ongoing productivity and profitability, MRO providers must be able to operate with great efficiency and flexibility to deliver fast, reliable, and customized service for customers, and effectively allocate resources and inventory to reduce operational costs.

ICRON’s web-based MRO solution provides automated, advanced planning and scheduling support for MRO companies that deal with sophisticated machinery such as aircraft, automotive vehicles, trains, and ships and their sub-components.

With ICRON, your company can integrate and optimize its entire, multi-site MRO process and achieve greater operational efficiency and throughput, customer satisfaction, and inventory and cost management by:

  • Generating optimal finite capacity schedules that successfully coordinate and manage the numerous people, machines, and materials involved in MRO operations.
  • Providing full, real-time visibility over all day-to-day plant operations to enable effective utilization of labor, materials, and equipment (and, ultimately, shorter repair and overhaul turnaround times, superior customer service, and reduced operating costs).
  • Providing visibility over current and forecasted plant capacity to identify and analyze bottlenecks, manage constraints, and minimize inventory and raw material levels and work-in-progress.
  • Conducting scenario analysis to enable the MRO provider to make the best decisions when it comes to outsourcing work, ordering parts, and deploying resources.
  • Forecasting and generating reliable due dates dates – thereby improving on-time delivery performance and customer loyalty.
  • Achieving long-term business goals such as:
    – Reduced turn-around times
    – Increased on-time delivery performance and productivity
    – Reduced overtime and operating costs
    – Increased customer satisfaction and revenue


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