Maintenance Repair & Overhaul Planning (MRO)

The challenge of maintaining competitive advantage in MRO operations is to meet high service level under controlled operational costs. MRO demand is unpredictable and can be satisfied by series of complex processes. Critical planning requirement for MRO is to synchronize facility, workforce, spare part and equipment constraints while satisfying due date promises.  Reliable due date promising can only be supported by proactive planning which is enabled through finite capacity planning / scheduling, bottleneck analysis and critical path analysis.

With ICRON’s MRO solution, your company will be able to:

  • Generate optimal finite capacity schedules that successfully coordinate facility, workforce, spare part and equipment
  • Perform bottleneck and critical path analysis
  • Gain full, real-time visibility over all day-to-day operations to enable effective utilization
  • Conduct scenario analysis to support decision making processes
  • Achieve long term company goals such as:
    • Reduced turn-around times
    • Increased on-time delivery
    • Increased facility productivity
    • Reduced overtime costs
    • Increased customer satisfaction and revenue
    • Increased workload balance on workforce
    • Reduced operating costs

Watch the MRO in Aviation webcast.


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