Production Planning

There’s no such thing as infinite production capacity. Manufacturers must make the most of the limited resources at their disposal, and must grapple with difficult, daily decisions on how to best utilize their capacity – in the face of constantly changing conditions in the market and on the shop floor – to satisfy customers and cut costs.

A growing number of manufacturers are turning to automated, advanced planning and scheduling (APS) software solutions as decision support tools, which enable them to optimize their production operations and:

  • Reduce inventory and costs.
  • Maximize resource utilization and throughput.
  • Boost delivery performance and customer satisfaction.

ICRON’s best-of-breed Production Planning solution will revolutionize your manufacturing operations, giving you the capability to optimally utilize your capacity to deliver the highest level of service for customers and value for stakeholders.

With ICRON’s algorithm-based Production Planning software, you can:

  • Generate operational, tactical, and strategic production and procurement plans – based on your unique business goals and constraints – that optimize the utilization of employees, equipment, and materials, decrease costs, excess inventory levels, and stock-outs, and improve operational efficiency and on-time delivery.
  • Revise production and procurement plans in real-time to take into account your manufacturing constraints, production delays and disruptions, and last-minute changes to customer orders.
  • Run “what-if” analysis to evaluate possible scenarios and determine the best course of action in any circumstance.

ICRON enables manufacturers to optimize their finite capacity and realize infinite possibilities for greater efficiency and revenue growth.


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