Sales & Operations Planning

Achieving supply chain synchronicity – aligning inventory, production, and distribution as precisely as possible with actual demand levels – is the key for companies to maximize productivity and profits.

ICRON’s S&OP solution can give your business complete, end-to-end supply chain visibility and the capability to generate optimal plans that harmonize sales and operations processes, minimize inventory, and optimize operational efficiency, performance delivery, and bottom line results.

With ICRON S&OP, you can bring your supply and demand into perfect balance by enabling integrated business planning, optimal collaborative decision-making, and cross-functional alignment and agility.

With ICRON’s algorithm-based S&OP platform, your company will be able to:

  • Rapidly generate optimal operational, tactical, and strategic plans that reduce operating costs and inventory and improve resource utilization, customer service, and profitability.
  • Automatically identify and resolve operational inefficiencies and inconsistencies between sales forecasts, realized customer orders, supply constraints, and managerial goals.
  • Dynamically revise plans to recalibrate production levels based on realized customer orders.
  • Increase accuracy of supply and demand forecasts as well as revenue and cost projections.
  • Conduct what-if scenario analysis to determine the best course of action when facing changing circumstances or constraints.
  • Create enhanced data models that enable easy integration with ERPs and other data sources.
  • Store and analyze previously-made plans and historical production data to better forecast future demand.
  • Continuously monitor KPIs to align actual costs and revenue with budgeted costs and revenue.

With ICRON S&OP, you can synchronize your sales and operations processes, optimize your planning and production mix, and realize significant operational, service, and margin gains.


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