Financial & Budget Planning

Here’s a critical question for senior business managers and planners: Does your supply chain control you or do you control your supply chain?

In today’s ultra-competitive, omni-channel, demand-driven business world, supply chains are more complex and challenging than ever.

To attain and maintain control of your supply chain, you must possess the capability to respond with speed, agility, and efficiency to swift changes in market conditions and unexpected fluctuations in supply and demand.

ICRON’s algorithm-based, advanced planning and scheduling (APS) and optimization platform gives you the power to possess full visibility and control over your sales, production, procurement, and distribution operations and to foster optimal integration, collaboration, and efficiency across your entire, end-to-end supply chain network.

ICRON’s scalability, flexibility, and robust modeling capability enable it to provide a 100% fit for your enterprise – taking into account all of your unique business rules and constraints – and deliver complete, customized optimization of your operations.

With ICRON, you can precisely match capacity, raw materials, and inventory with demand and ensure your day-to-day, tactical, and strategic plans are aligned with your business goals.

ICRON’s planning and optimization platform gives you the capability to take control of your supply chain and drive greater operational efficiency and agility, service excellence, cost savings, and bottom-line results.


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