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Capacity Planning

Capacity management is a difficult juggling act: companies often have to handle numerous complex orders at the same time, and need to be able to balance resource utilization, inventory levels, demand satisfaction while taking business rules and constraints into account.

Having the capability to automatically and accurately align operating capacity to demand is essential to ensure optimal throughput, cost containment, and delivery performance.

ICRON’s Capacity Planning (CP) solution gives you complete visibility over your entire supply chain flow and the ability to generate tactical plans that optimize your production capacity so that you can fully utilize your resources and fully satisfy your customers.

With ICRON’s algorithm-based CP solution, your company will be able to:

  • Maximize resource utilization
  • Optimize inventory levels
  • Improve adherence to customer service levels and order delivery dates
  • Conduct what-if analysis to support various capacity utilization, purchasing and demand (firm and forecasted orders) scenarios
  • Devise purchase plans for critical raw materials with longer lead times
  • Foresee potential disruptions and dynamically revise production plans
  • Optimally allocate capacity and inventory levels based on demand variability and seasonality


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