Network Planning

Is your supply chain designed to deliver service excellence and revenue growth? Is it a seamless, synchronized end-to-end network through which goods and services can flow – with the utmost operational- and cost-efficiency – from supplier to customer?

To be able to answer these questions and also be able to make the right tactical and strategic decisions that drive greater performance and profitability for your business, you must first attain visibility over your end-to-end supply chain design.

ICRON’s advanced planning and scheduling (APS) platform provides a rich and robust supply chain modeling and optimization environment that allows you to:

  • Visualize and analyze the full breadth and depth of your supplier-to-customer network to identify areas of weakness, and then determine an optimal design for your supply chain structure that minimizes costs and maximizes efficiency.
  • Make the best “what, where, and when” production, procurement, and distribution decisions to optimize the deployment of resources, utilization of materials, and allocation of inventory.
  • Formulate an innovative and strategic network design with the optimal number and placement of warehouses, plants, and distribution facilities.
  • Conduct “what-if” scenario analysis to make informed strategic decisions on important issues including production mix, inventory and constraint management, capital expenditure, and future network expansion or contraction.

With ICRON, you can ensure your supply chain network is designed to deliver satisfaction to your customers and value to your stakeholders.


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