Workforce Planning & Management

Employees are the most important – and most expensive – assets for most companies.

The performance of your people can make or break your business, and effective workforce management is a key factor in boosting both customer service and bottom line results.

An increasing number of companies are looking to optimize their human capital, and are turning to intelligent, automated workforce planning and management solutions to drive enhanced operational efficiency, customer and employee satisfaction, and overall profitability.

By implementing ICRON’s algorithm-based Workforce Planning & Management solution, your business can gain visibility and control over the tactical and real-time deployment and strategic planning of your workforce, and automatically generate employee schedules that:

  • Optimize manpower utilization to satisfy demand, reduce operating costs, and increase customer and employee satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Take into account your unique business goals and constraints as well as individual employee skills and preferences and specific customer and contract requirements.
  • Prioritize work order and task assignments to effectively match workforce deployment and demand.
  • Minimize the risk of compliance issues by factoring in labor rules and regulations.

With ICRON’s Workforce Planning & Management platform, you can optimize your workforce utilization – from day-to-day task scheduling to dynamic, real-time rescheduling to long-term capacity planning – and drive improved performance and profitability.


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